Hitek: Make it Easier with MGV Tube, Save You Much More Money

EvacuatedTube Solar Collector vs. Flat Plate Solar Collector

Only two people can easilyinstall our evacuated tube collectors without a hoist or special tools becausethe tubes, manifold, and frame can be brought onto the roof separately andassembled easily, even in a bad weather.

Whereas, flat Plates: Eachplate is a heavy and bulky one piece and frequently needs a basketball team tolift and installed on the roof - see pictures below:

Flat plate collectors needto be placed directly facing the south, and at roughly the same angle as thelocation's latitude. This means there are far fewer options for theinstallation, and aesthetics must often be sacrificed in order to protectperformance. Also the heat produced by flat plates varies greatly throughoutthe day - substantially lower in the morning and afternoon and peaks at noonwhen heat demand is generally the lowest.


Figure 1: Labor CostComparison in Installation.


Figure 2: Time Request Comparison in Installation.

We make photographs to show that installing acollector, we need more people to install a flat plate collector and 58mmDouble Glass tube Collector than 70mm MGV tube collector, and the labor costwill be increased invisible.

Ina regular condition, one 58mmDouble Glass Wall Tube can produce 8 liters per day while 70mm MGV tube can produce 16 liters (2timesof 58tube) per day.

Inanother word, a NSC-70-10 collector can produce the same hot water output witha NSC-58-22tubes collector, but if you choose NSC-58-22 collector, you have toconsider the additional cost it brought, including the installation and freightcost: the cost for installing 22 tubes will be at least TWICE as that for10 tubes! You will be needed to pay more labor cost for at least 10tubes per collector, and the freight cost will be twice, and twice areas forinstallation should be needed.

And there is another crucialfactor for you choosing our MGV tube is that MGV Tube is quite endurable.

You won’t worry about ourMGV tubes are fragile in the long-term shipping and you needn’t to pay muchmore money for extra tubes. But if you buy 58mm all glass vacuum heat pipe tube collector, youmust pay for the extra glass tubes in case there are some tubes broken intransportation. That’s another unnecessary additional cost.

Installation Request:

70mm MGV Direct Flow TubeCollector: free installation, horizontal, vertical and oblique, and noinstallation angle limited.

70mm MGV Heat Pipe Tube Collector:installed with 45o angle with dry connection; one tube’s broken don’t affectthe whole system, we can adjust the tube to make sure the aluminum fin can faceto south while the sun is not towards the south.

58mm All Glass Vacuum Tube Collector:compared with 70mm MGV tube collector the installed area with 58mm All GlassVacuum Tube Collector will be increased, the cost will be as twice as that fora same system.


The glass of MGV tube ismuch thicker than that of all glass vacuum tubes. It can resist the shock fromthe stones with 35mmdiameter! Just imagine that when one or several all glass vacuum tubes breakafter a typhoon, or if some naughty kids break thetubes by their football, how big a cost it will be for replacement of thetubes! If you choose MGV tube, it can reduce 90% possibility of broken, whichsaves a great risk cost.

Choosing our MGV tubes, themore days passes, the more benefit you will enjoy.


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