Wuxi Hitek Solar collector and solar water heaters for pool Heating, which brings good solution

To use a solarheating system for your pool is really an economical choice compared withexpensive conventional heaters.  Solarcollectors get free energy from the sun and use it to heat up the pool.

By using solarsystem, we can also extend the swimming season and reduce monthly fuel bills.In fact, solar pool heating for home is the most economical solar applicationtoday.

Five goodreasons to use  solar heating

No.  1: Solar  saves  heating costs

Currently, energycosts has already increased a lot. On the other hand, the energy from the sun is always free, and more and morepool owners are taking advantage of this opportunity to save money by using solar heating systems. As soon asyour  solar  heating system is installed, there are nomore heating bills to pay. 

Many pool ownersswitch to solar because it meets all of their heating requirements. But, evenif you continue to use a gas or electric heater as a backup, solar  heating is a smart investment that will saveyou  money, year  after year.

No.  2: Solar  extends   swimming season

If we use aproperly sized  solar  heating system, it will get us swimmingearlier in the spring and later into the fall. Whether or not there is anexisting heater, you  can  keep your pool warmer andopen longer with free energy from the sun. In most areas, a solar heater used  in combination with asolar pool cover  can  add two  to four weeks  to the beginning and two to four weeks  to the  end of the swimming season.

No.  3: Solar  equipment is durable

Obviously, thesolar equipment often can last longer than gas or electric heaters. With rightyearly maintenance, you can  expect fuelheaters to last seven to ten years.  Most  gas heaters come with a two-year warranty,and well-made heat pumps carry  atwo-year warranty with five years on the  compressors. However, solarpanels have a minimum 10-year warranty and generally last 15 to 20 years orlonger. So, we can find out that using the solar heating system would be aright and smart choice among all the energy sources.

No.  4: Solar  requires less maintenance

Not thatcomplicated as gas and electric heaters, which should be serviced by aprofessional technician every year,  asolar heater requires very little maintenance, which also means less cost  and less hassle for the  pool owner.

No.  5: Solar energy is good for  theenvironment

Nowadays, we canalways hear a lot about the damaging effect on the environment which is causedby burning fossil fuels. Burning fuels will release nitrogen oxides that causethe formation of smog in urban areas. Urban smog, which is worse on warm andsunny days, affects people with respiratory problems such as asthma. Using  solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels can help reduce this smog.

Burning fuels willalso produce carbon dioxide, which is the main cause  of climate change. Replacing a natural gas orpropane heater with a solar  heater couldstop  three to ten tons of carbon dioxidefrom entering the atmosphere each swimming season.